7 Natural Hair Styles for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day | Natural Hairstyles
 Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. As a natural haired gal, I know it sometimes takes some planning when it comes to picking styles for special occasions. Here are 7 Natural Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day. I made sure not to leave you hanging, I have a video tutorial for all of these styles 🙂


Valentine's Day Straw Set

This is an inexpensive way to achieve amazing curls for Valentine’s Day. This style can be a bit time consuming but the results are worth it.
HOW TO > Straw Set on Natural Hair

BeeMine Curly Butter Perm Rod SetAnother elegant, less time consuming style. A super easy way to achieve curls that you can style to your liking.
HOW TO > Perm Rod Set


Edgy Natural Hair Updo This is a great style that can be worn two ways. You can wear the flat twists with the pin curls for a daytime time look. To switch things up at night, take down the pin curls for added softness.

HOW TO >> Elegant Flat Twist Updo with Pin Curls 

TWIST & CURL (Version 1)

Shea Moisture JBCO Collection | Natural Hair Updo


This is yet another easy, elegant style that can be done using Straws or perm rods. There are so many ways you can style this one as well.

HOW TO > Elegant Updo (Twist & Curl)

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CHIME IN: How are you wearing your hair for Valentine’s Day?

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