How to do a Wash & Go on Type 4 Hair

As the weather warms up even more, wash and go styles are super popular with many naturals. Wash and goes are relatively easy, fuss free styles. If your hair is more on the kinky side, like mine, wash and go styles can take a bit of practice to get your desired results.


I have tried a wash and go before but I recently visited a salon to get a haircut, and I decided to have my stylist do a wash and go.

Here are a few tips she shared for kinkier/type 4 textures:

  1. Saturation and shingling – your hair must be completely wet when you apply your product.
  2. Shingle with your fingers instead of a brush – many times we tend to use a Denman of some type of brush to shingle product through our hair. My stylist said that these tend to create too much space between our curls, so using our fingers is best.
  3. It’s a layering process – For my wash and go my stylist used a butter (cream) and followed with a tiny bit of gel to style my hair. Once done, I sat under the dryer for a few minutes to complete the look.


I absolutely loved the way it turned out and I recorded an entire video of the step by step process.
Click HERE  or on the image below to watch it.

Do you do wash and go styles? 

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