Perm Rod Tutorial Using Natural Hair Textured Clip ins for Added Volume

Perm Rod Tutorial Using Natural Hair Clip In Extensions
Before we jump into this tutorial I just want to point out that Natural Hair Clips Ins are NOT necessary for this style. I used them for added volume, but you can totally achieve this look with the hair growing right our of your head. I promise!
The versatility of natural hair is limitless. Really. When I first cut my hair last year I was super concerned about what I’d be able to do with my hair. I remember telling the stylist to leave it long enough so that I could still get a weave if need be. I’m happy to report that I have been weave-free for over a year with absolutely zero intentions of going back anytime soon.
No shade to weaves, I love a laid weave, but I also love being able to switch in and out of a look at the drop of a hat. That’s why I love my natural hair clip ins. These ones are from Big Chop Hair, but I also really like the ones from Kinkistry Hair. The texture is a perfect match for my type 4 natural hair and they are SUPER easy to install.
Here are my step by step instructions for a twist and curl using perm rods and natural hair clip in extensions.

Spritz a little water on dry hair to make it easier to manipulate


Section hair


Snap on clip-ins one section at a time


Apply a tiny bit of product to each section then two strand twist your hair


Roll hair onto perm rod.


Let dry over night.




That’s it!

To see how I achieve this look just watch here:


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