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Thank you for your interest in submitting articles, poetry, or photos to Naptural Roots Magazine. We are a magazine dedicated to providing information and instruction on natural hair, health and wellness, beauty, art and fashion, and other general lifestyle topics. To serve this mission, we invite authors to submit articles, visual aids, videos, and how-tos, as guest contributors. Some example topics include:

  • Natural Hair (transitioning from processed hair, caring and maintenance of natural hair, styling instructions, product reviews, etc.)
  • Health & Wellness (healthy eating/recipes, naturopathic medicine, vitamins and supplements, healthy living alternatives, fitness and exercise, etc.)
  • Beauty (natural products to enhance beauty, services, clothing essentials, make-up essentials, etc.)
  • Art & Fashion (art, fashion, music, celebrity style, DIY projects)
  • Lifestyle (personal finances, politics, technology, sports, etc.)

Our featured articles are instructional and informational pieces written in the artist’s voice, rather than in newspaper-style reporting or Q&A interview styles. They should emphasize the how-to. Our readers have varying knowledge levels, so techniques and methods must be specifically explained and demonstrated. We try to avoid clichés and concentrate on basic, practical, step-by-step instruction with a friendly, conversational tone. We encourage the submission of unsolicited articles for publication.

If you are interested in submitting an article or poem for inclusion on the website and/or in the magazine, please complete the form. Alternatively, you can download and complete the Application.


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